Finding your balance means discovering your resources to adapt to changes thanks to hypnosis

The therapy

Apart from the pure and simple exchange of information, the human being is forced to communicate with others in order to become aware of his individual identity (personal needs and social interactions)

Interpreting emotions wrongly called "negative" such as anger, shame, fear, sadness, etc. Too often repressed, they are essential for understanding one's own functioning.

As a therapist I use a variety of treatment tools. Continuous training is essential to discover new practices, to remain curious and to question one's habits.

Determining the objective

At the beginning of each appointment, it is necessary to take the time to identify a goal in order to define the direction of the session. The goal can be new, or adjusted based on the progress of the previous session.

Summary of the hypnosis session

At the end of the session, a summary concludes the meeting in order to understand what has been achieved and to allow the work initiated to continue.


Every human being, during the day, alternates moments of intense concentration or daydreaming.

When you drive, you no longer pay attention to your feet when you clutch, nor to your hand when you activate the turn signal or the windshield wipers. This hyper-learning is done automatically, yet you are conscious!

Hypnosis, used as a therapeutic tool, borrows this bridging state and allows the person to recognize their abilities.


Body stimulation technique on the body by manual pressure on reflex points located either on the feet, hands, ears or skull (according to convenience). 

These points correspond to organs or physiological functions.

Practiced as a treatment or as a relaxation.

The fields of action

About me

Kheime RICHARD, I was born into a family of caregivers, a neurologist and psychiatrist father and a nurse mother. Immersed in the daily life of these two passionate people, I understood very early the complexity and paradox of human nature. Fascinated by the progress of medicine as much as by the accompaniment of people, this holistic approach guided me towards alternative medicine. Conquered, I trained for many years in complementary therapies.

Ericksonian and Classical hypnosis, kinesiology, reflexology, psychology, maeusthesia, mindfulness, biological decoding, harmonization of the 5 elements (F. Buro method), cognitive-behavioral therapy, and many others.

Currently living in Grilly in the Ain (01220), a small village located on the Swiss border, in the Pays de Gex, between Divonne-les-Bains and Ferney-Voltaire, I practice at my home

Contact & infos

Price for one session:
65€ / per hour 
(The 1st session: allow more time, about 1h30, the price remains the same 65 Euro).
Payment in cash and on site. 
Credit cards, twint, checks, etc. are not accepted. 
Hypnosis and reflexology sessions are not a substitute for medication or medical advice.